Fixed Broadband

1 Network - Fiber- To every home, OPEN to all providers.

Electricity is in every home. Plumbing is in every home. Copper wire is in every home. Copper wire used to be the "network" standard, then cable came and it is now almost in every home. Now fiber is coming. We don't need 3 different networks, we need 1 new standard that supports ALL forms of DATA. Fiber-To-The-Home. It's time to upgrade the copper and cable networks and create a nationwide standard of networks based on Fiber Optics to every home in the US. Then, let's ensure that all Telecom companies can provide you service over that network. I would like to be able to choose between at least a half dozen ISPs, like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or Time Warner Cable, Cox, or Charter.


TV, and Phone should just be IP applications that run over the Internet.


An OPEN internet, on an OPEN network, that lets ALL providers give you service. End the local monopolies and standardize the network.


As an example, I should be able to live in New York City and get a minimum 100Mbps IP connection from Comcast or AT&T, get a IPTV application over that IP network from a different company like Time Warner Cable or Verizon, and get IP phone service from Charter if I so choose.


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