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Regulate in areas where it is needed; do not prohibit innovations that would help consumers

This "big idea"/"best practice" actually originated with the FCC's own Chairman. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stated at the Congressional hearing on Thursday that the FCC should allow competition to solve problems whenever possible, and regulate only if there is market failure. The FCC should, for example, regulate the pricing of "special access" lines, because the ILECs are using high prices for these lines to cripple ...more »

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Best Practices/Big Ideas

Make broadband affordable and competitive by eliminating price gouging at the wholesale level.

Want to know why high speed Internet service is so expensive in the US compared to the rest of the world? Or why many ISPs must throttle, ration, and/or cap bandwidth usage to avoid being unprofitable? Many, if not most, American citizens do not realize that it's because the wholesale costs which providers themselves must pay are needlessly high. Because the FCC has not yet acted on the issue of "special access" pricing, ...more »

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