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Download tests OOKLA and MLAB appear unequal

Running the OOKLA and MLAB tests? Better run both, and run them multiple times. OOKLA gives download ratings to me which are repeatably 350-400% "faster" than MLAB, with the series run in a short timeframe. Appears they are not equal. And the results are being recorded centrally for some sort of analysis?


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Tune the tester to get the actual average of broadband speeds

Tune the broadband test to get actual download and upload speeds, as with technologies like 'PowerBoost' (which increases the speed dramatically only for the first 20 megabytes or so) will greatly inflate true download speeds. If you only use third-party testing suites like Ookla, you won't be getting the true download speed and/or capacity which users actually experience. Other than simple buffering, what good is reporting ...more »


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