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Stop the constant increases in your USF tax

Stop the constant increases in your USF tax. It is now up to 15.3%.

What's the limit? 50%? 100%? 500%? More?

You are now using it to provide frills like broadband, FOR WHICH IT WAS NEVER INTENDED.

Or is broadband now a "right", like "healthcare


Stop your out of control taxing of the American


PS - You may want to tell your president about this, who claims that he is lowering taxes, not raising them.

Submitted by phoned77823 4 years ago

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  1. You will note that the FCC, as well as numerous posters to this site, want exactly what you are saying no to. Did you notice? They want broadband to be a "right," they want it to be faster than it is, they want it to be universally available.

    The main reason for the "third way" the FCC is advocating is precisely this; to be able to regulate your broadband Internet connection as if it were a telephone line. Why? To allow the FCC to include broadband in the USF so that broadband can be made universally available.

    Now, does anyone think that providing universal broadband will be cheaper than providing universal voice-grade telephone service? Come now. So, do expect the USF tax to increase.

    Seems to me that there are a lot of conflicting demands being made.

    3 years ago
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  2. There is a corollary to using the third way to finance broadband Internet connections. Namely, that there will also be a "tax" on broadband Internet service because it will be deemed a Title II telecommunications service to some extent. Not surprisingly, this wasn't really teed up in the Notice, and hasen't been acknowledged by Free Press or other advocates of net neutrality. It would levy a massive tax on Internet users in the interest of net neutrality (i.e., to solve theoretical problems that don't currently exist), while giving the FCC a vehicle to accomplish what it may consider to be a more important goal, universal Internet access.

    If the third way is passed, and ISPs are subjected to even limited Title II regulation, ISPs will have to pay the USF contribution rate or "tax" of roughly 15% on their revenues from end-user telecommunications. This will be passed on to users, just as USF is passed on by the phone companies and it was passed on when the DSL link was deemed telecommunications. The question is, 15% or so of what? Most broadband subscribers pay a flat rate for multiple services delivered over a broadband "pipe." Is only the broadband transport subject to this tax, and if so how is its pricing to be broken out?

    3 years ago
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  3. phoned77823 Idea Submitter

    Yes, I know [and am not at all surprised] that the moochers and bureaucrats want us to pay so they can have broadband be a "right," faster than it is, and universally available.

    All I can do is voice my opinion -- at least so far -- and vote. And I thought the election indicated that a few others agree w me -- and value the Constitution.

    3 years ago
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  4. Wow... simply wow.

    I am guessing none of you know why they want it to be a right now.

    I won't even try and explain it to any of you, it won't be worth my breath.

    I will say this though, broadband is good for a LOT more than you guys thing, it can be a "universal uniter" as well as provide opertunities for a LOT of people.

    Do any of you realize that without decent internet access, it is getting to where you can't apply for a job, cause everything is going online, and dial up is archaic and pretty useless in this day and age compared to broadband, nothing really supports it anymore, faster speeds are needed.

    I don't agree with this "100 megabites a second for everyone" BS, i would be happy getting 6MB a second here in this rural area i live in, but i can't even get that here.

    I think they need to just start small.

    Get faster than dial up speeds to people in rural areas first, then work on making it even faster and better later.

    A lot of us would just be happy with something faster than dial up now days, specially where i live.

    I can't get anything done, it takes forever just for a web page to load.. i only get 5kbs no matter what ISP i dial into.. no matter what number, cause the lines here are so bad... and Verizon(the only company out here) refuses to upgrade some things.

    Plus i do feel that a lot of service plans are unfair as it is.

    80$ a month with wireless with Verizon wireless only gets you 10BG a month... it can go fast and end up being a big head ache later.

    Simply put, i do think something needs done, yes.. but... not what they are trying to do...

    They are pushing too much and too hard, it could backfire.

    All i wanna see is faster than what i got here without so much limitation.

    3 years ago
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