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Speed up broadband and lower prices!

In the US, broadband is not fast enough and is way overpriced. Right now, Japan and South Korea have way better services and at a fraction of the cost. If the US wants to lead in broadband, then it is time that existing systems get sped up, because many of the networks out there aren't even being utilized to their full potential.

Fiber optics to the home and to the node are far more capable of the bandwidth that is passing through them today. So is cable and DSL. Fiber optics can offer several "terabits per second", so 100 Mbps+ and 1Gbps connections are more than possible and should be implemented immediately.

If these existing companies don't speed things up and lower their prices, then someone else will build out faster networks and those existing companies will lose customers, because people will want to switch to faster connections offered at a fraction of the price.


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    For years I have written that Content and Pipeline should be separated, forcibly, if necessary. It's not that hard to do, just some political and monopoly fires to douse.

    The U.S. continues to fall behind developed (and some not so developed) countries like Korea, Sweden, Finland others to make U.S. (Gulp!) 15-17th in Broadband Reach and Speeds; this is just wrong. We should be No. 1 in this area so vital that it will lead the 21st ccentury in the Trade, Education, Commerce, Information, Invention, and technology concepts that make the leader uncatchable.

    T.V. broadcasters were forced to separate their Content production from Broadcast "pipeline" many years ago, which opened up the market to many, many Content choices.

    Cable and Telco, and now Wireless, should be no different. An open, transparent marketplace would rapidly give rise to more Content choices and packages; more reach and speed capability, lower prices overall and the NextGen -Web 4.0- of Cloud Commuting, Health, Education and who knows what else?

    Considering that Convergence AAA Internet (AnyThing, AnyTime, AnyWhere) is growing 200-300 percent a year, and that what we call Mobile will BE the Wireless AAA 'Net of the near future, we must get it right, right now.

    Spectrum re-balancing and re-allocation, spinoffs of Content and Service from Cable and Telco, and FTC and FCC forceful motivation towards competition and access will do the job.

    Contrary to other comments, ONLY a tranparent and open marketplace with reasonable cost access and competition not only between Pipelines, but between Content providers, will allow the U.S. to catch up and surpass countries that should be eating our competitive dust, and are not because of the monopoly-access structure allowed to date.

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    Dial up is archaic and pretty useless in this day and age compared to broadband, nothing really supports it anymore, faster speeds are needed.

    I don't agree with this "100 megabites a second for everyone" BS, i would be happy getting 6MB a second here in this rural area i live in, but i can't even get that here.

    I think they need to just start small.

    Get faster than dial up speeds to people in rural areas first, then work on making it even faster and better later.

    A lot of us would just be happy with something faster than dial up now days, specially where i live.

    I can't get anything done, it takes forever just for a web page to load.. i only get 5kbs no matter what ISP i dial into.. no matter what number, cause the lines here are so bad... and Verizon(the only company out here) refuses to upgrade some things.

    Plus i do feel that a lot of service plans are unfair as it is.

    80$ a month with wireless with Verizon wireless only gets you 10BG a month... it can go fast and end up being a big head ache later.

    Simply put, i do think something needs done, yes.. but... not what they are trying to do...

    They are pushing too much and too hard, it could backfire.

    All i wanna see is faster than what i got here without so much limitation.