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Require advertisement of average user speed and advertisement of caps!

"Up to 32 Megs speed!", I kid you not, my ISPs ads have used that vocabulary and that claim. They of course meant megabits, not megabytes, but their service certainly doesn't give me 4 megabytes download speed - EVER! I get at most 2.5 MiB/s.

If I dare use that speed for too long, my entire connection is throttled to 500 KiB/S.

And apparently they have a very limited mentioning of their monthly bandwidth caps.

I think this stuff needs to be advertised blatantly. "Average speeds of 20 megabits a second download, 2 megabits a second upload, and 80 gigabytes traffic a month! No hosting services allowed."


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    Seconded. This is the reason why I won't touch Comcast High-Speed Disconnect [sic].