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    "Do what it takes" sounds a bit extreme, doesn't it? Are you saying that there should be no other considerations?

    Instead, I do agree with the "promote what is right" in the title. What is right is to balance the needs of the various competing interests, and try to spread the pain fairly.

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    It's getting more difficult to maintain every household budgetary item. Since I use my computer to also earn money, as I stay home with my children, broadband has become a necessity. I wish it cost less but I wonder if the the quality would suffer if it were free? I'd like to think that it would not but even a nominal fee of $5 per month would defray the cost and still make broadband affordable for everyone.

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    To be completely dispassionate about this, Leslie, if you use the Internet as a tool to make a living, then it would be fair for you, in particular, to pay some fair share of the real cost. Just as you pay your share for any other tools or materials you require in your business.

    Deploying broadband costs someone quite a bit of money. Especially because it's a labor-intensive proposition, and it never stops. It's not like you install a network and then you're done. The network needs continuous upgrading, because the necessary speeds continue to go up. So "free" is a misnomer. Someone has to pay for this constant effort.

    We have universal telephone service now, in the US, and most people know what that means when they get their very high telephone bills every month. In my case, the trelephone bill is substantially higher than my broadband bill. So "free" broadband would require either taxation or a whole new level of unsolicited advertizing.