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Promote Telecommuting - Reduce Time and Energy Waste

Broadband access can play a much larger role in ameliorating profligate energy waste through reducing the need for daily physical office worker commuting. Yet many municipalities don't take into account telecommuting and remote presence when trying to plan for greener urban-suburban land use and transit. The paradigm of physically moving masses of office workers back and forth every day is clearly coming to an end, but that does not mean people must be concentrated into close living hives in order to achieve resource use efficiencies - significant numbers can telecommute. Unfortunately, we seldom see telecommuting promoted among the green planning alternatives. Increased broadband access, telecommuting, and remote presence should be promoted as a resource efficient alternative to physical commuting and hyper dense urbanizing.


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  1. Comment

    As an IT Recruiter, it is often missed by Hiring Managers and Managers the importance of telecommuting. There was an article in the Washington Post a year or so ago, talking about people who telecommute and/or work from home until after rush hour and then come into the office.

    In this day of technology and instanct access, we should be using it in businesses and offices to be more efficient. There are ways to know if an Employee/Contractor is actually working and not goofing off on instant message or one of the many social networking sites. Until gas prices stablize telecommuting or partial telecommuting will save money for Companies/Businesses, as well as, Employees/Contractors.

    Wonder what could be done with all the money saved?

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    my wife has been looking for a telecommuting job for over a year now.

    she has the skills but, the vast majority of companies don't hire this way.

    there should be a jobs credit for companies who hire telecommuting workers.



  3. Comment
    Drew Hornbein

    I work as a freelance web developer/designer. I solve complex design issues with clients remotely. The technology is there for creative collaboration, it doesn't seem like much of a leap to have number crunchers work from home. This saves business money in a number of ways, as well as workers. Plus with greater broadband network coverage, it can open up pools of workers in far off places (which we would hope is rural Indiana not India).

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    Couldn't agree more ... I have a home office setup, so not driving in to the office is great. I can still shut the door and get work done -- but I can sleep in an hour longer and still be "in" on-time. And no commute home means i can work to 5pm and turn around - be off work, such a break for the weekly drive.

    Top it off, I'm averaging $30/day in gas to get to work. So a week from home is $150 savings for me. Since my job (it engineer) is built around the computer, its obvious how much work I get done whether im sitting in the cube next to my boss or at home.

  5. Comment

    Who are the best bloggers that can find + are willing to share the information to support the research papers and permaculture logistics legislation needed for these students to prevent global ecosystems critical mass cascade failures? Technology Transfer?


    By, Matthew Lane Tripp

    Moore, SC 29369

    Student Social Media Research Assistant: Three cents per minute.

    This is a not for profit service and I am willing to help people learn to do the same business if they want to run it as a nonprofit...

    (So that the goal of ecological sustainability in global civilization is achieved, it doesn't matter who does the job so long as it gets done right, at a realistic cost, because the people and other life on earth of 15 and 50 years from now do not have a voice to help you make the best effort for their and your future's.)

    Ecology/Sociology students only.

    Essentially I will be doing for you what the semantic web and research assistants will be doing for you 7 years from now, but for almost no cost to you.

    Professional Discipline information tracking; on Twitter, Facebook, Ning, LinkedIN, Delicious bookmarks, et cetera, Professional media sites or databases/journals/blogs.

    Call: M.att iPhone# Google Voice #: Twitter = @Globalcide

    Developing networking list’s of people / org’s to connect + be followed by on Twitter, Facebook, Ning, etc.

    Multiple accounts require different strategies. Example’s: Attacking the opposition, Spying on the opposition, Defending your field or corporate position, Finding opposition’s corporate espionage agents... ***Which could show or hide the time line history / projection of your well thought out sustainability activist communications and thereby provide background information in hiring choices. While more and more older or fundamentalist religious american’s put religious propaganda out against the sustainability efforts of the people (you) who are now trying to deal with the devastation via human created climate change.***

    Movies: +

    There is not enough time while studying; to sort through thousands of tweets which refer to further information... (and I can find context associations with your curriculum); also; which could require immediate scheduling updates for webcasts or events in the community.

    Developing real time active following list for current research paper or group project outline or abstract for more recent dissertation’s on future projects line of sight.

    This functions as the transitional increase in functionality that the web will begin to automate the function of real time knowledge base updates of social media cross referencing.

    You may or may not have research assistant staff in your new field and this will let you learn to administrate request’s for information on your projects and workflow... like having a secretary that sorts your email by priority for you at work (I think has this or is developing this now).

    Laundry or Errands service’s

    Laundry: 1 dollar per hour if I have wi-fi while doing the laundry (I can work on Multi-media data mining which is productivity) Errand’s will be 2 dollars per hour if I can accomplish errands for 3 or more people at the same store or route) (Motorcycle)

    I want to develop the logistics of this for helping with home tasks for: Elderly, Disabled, Poverty Parents, Single Parents, and Students.

    Coordinating Volunteer training and Security applications in the community’s surveyed needs.

    Coordinating to fill the gaps of current community programs and budgets of manpower, expertise, and tool library’s or funds.

    Local grown food and life coaching for gardeners based on GTD, The Art of War FlashCard Deck, Ethics semantic tools, and The 48 Laws of Power.

    Life streaming of education automation during neighborhood watch + Yardening, which could integrate development of interpersonal assessment throughput via local and internationally available education programs for localized sustainability. Learning through carefully selected audio.

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    That's right! Telecomuting would reduce time wasted in driving and energy waste. It would also provide an additional residual benefit in Continuity of Government (COG) because you would have a non-concentrated workforce that would also by it's geographical spread reduce it's risk in spreading epidemics such as H1N1.

  7. Comment

    I 100% support this. Write your elected officials if you believe in this cause. Here is a sample of what I have submitted on numerous occassions to my elected officials as well as the local press:

    Dear Mr. Gohmert,

    I originally sent you this letter during the winter of 2007. I feel that it is still just as valid today as then if not more so. I do hope that this letter finds its way to your desk and that it does not get hung up with your staff. I feel this is good information that you can use Sir in your endeavors in Washington.


    Honorable Louie Gohmert

    508 Cannon House Office Building

    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-3035

    Subject: National Tele-commuting incentive as a means of “energy relief.”

    Dear Sir:

    As a hardworking American I am as affected by the fluctuations in energy cost the same as every other American is. And just as most Americans do, I commute to work five days a week. With the energy/gasoline cost on the rise it cost me and every other American more and more money each day to get to work. I feel that many of us could greatly benefit by using new technology to telecommute to work. This is a GREAT way to combat the rising energy cost. I offer up to you Mr. Gohmert, a solution which could provide relief to this situation on some level for most of all hardworking Americans.

    Possible Government Benefits:

    1) Proactively decrease demand for fuel/energy over all. Immediate relief on foreign dependency.

    2) Promote continued investment in nationwide technology infrastructure/backbone.

    3) Promote social health in area of family development by allowing parents to spend more time in the home.

    4) Promote social health by allowing workers to spend less time around others when a worker may have minor/major contagious ailments.

    5) Promote social health by allowing workers to eat healthier by having healthier food (from their own homes) available rather than relying upon fast food or meals of convenience.

    6) Promote healthier environment by decreasing emissions caused by unnecessary vehicle use.

    7) With fewer vehicles on the road there is less potential for traffic jams and accidents for those who will need to commute.

    8) Less wear and tear and demand for road and transportation infrastructure.

    Possible Employer Benefits:

    1) Reduce amount of building space and facilities necessary to house employees.

    2) Reduce lost productivity due to minor illnesses that would ordinarily prompt a worker to use sick time.

    3) Expand employee hire pool to beyond geographic boundaries. Less dependent upon proximity in hiring personnel.

    4) Possible tax break incentives by government for qualifying employers.

    Possible Employee Benefits:

    1) More money in their pockets due to decreased demand for fuel purchases, automotive upkeep and purchases.

    2) More money in their pockets due to less spent on eating out and work place attire.

    3) Increased health benefits due to more controlled/predictable diets, more “time in the day” and less stress that can be caused by long commutes.

    4) Healthier family life due to more time spent at home with family.

    5) More money in their pockets due to less money spent on after school care. Kids can come home and be safe (no latch key kids) because the parents will be there.

    6) Less potential for fatal vehicle accidents due to less time spent in vehicle commutes.

    Thank you for your time Mr. Gohmert. I sincerely hope that you take some of this to heart and can appreciate and perhaps share some of my ideas. I hope that you can possibly use some of these to make a big difference in my own and my countrymen’s life. What we need more than anything to make Tele-commuting a mainstream method of working is a Champion for the cause. I truly feel that this is a worthy cause Sir and that you are the right man to help bring it to life here in Texas and across the nation. If there is anything I can do for you Mr. Gohmert, concerning this information, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


  8. Comment

    Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson and their team at have made it their mission to promote "results-only work environments". They have a Linkedin GoROWE Group and a blog at their web page. I think it is asinine that as we build out global broadband, cloud computing and distributed computing like World Community Grid, Grid Republic and BOINC, that management refuses to adopt/provide tools which would allow folks (many with disabilities -- 70% unemployed) to work from anywhere the work can be done. Sure, there are security and IP issues, but there are rural economic development and green issues, not to mention digital accessibility issues that CANNOT be solved until the mental culture/worldview of C-Suites and their subordinates promote the available technologies. So share holders, proxy holders, institutional investors--let's start asking about these issues during the next quarterly conference call.