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It would be great if there were true competition in the broadband market. I live in Phoenix Arizona and you have the option of Cox Communications as your internet and television provider or switching to poor quality satellite internet and television. Essentially Cox is the ONLY choice here in Phoenix if you have any sort of speed requirements to your internet connection (such as live chat, streaming any sort of content, online games, video conferences, VoIP, etc.)

I connect my cell phone to my computer and use that as a modem instead of using Cox. My cell phone provides faster internet connection and is drastically cheaper (about 20 bucks cheaper). Unfortunately, my cell phone's connection is not always stable. It's efficient for most use, but any sort of live content typically results in my connection being lost and having to reconnect and reload the content. There is no reason that my cell phone should be cheaper and faster than a broadband WIRED connection - regulations need to be put in so that Internet Service Providers stop restricting the amount of data transferred for users. If there is available bandwidth, the paying customers should be allowed access to as much as they need. If this results in a drastic slow-down for other customers, then the Internet Service Provider should take this as an indication that their service is not sufficient for the needs of its clients and it should add more cables to handle the additional requirements. Then perhaps the industry will invest in cheaper and higher-capacity data transfer designs to accommodate the higher demands while still turning a profit.


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    Remember when you were excited to upgrade to 56k modem? Need usually precedes the capability. And bandwidth always comes with a price. And businesses are always willing to put up with higher costs than consumers, so consumers will always suffer when they can't afford the business rates.

    But when you can afford business solutions, you take a quantum leap in access. Business grade satellite guarantees minimum speeds, and low latency.

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    Im stuck in the same boat here in MA. Only one company that has us by the cahoona's. Their service sucks, their prices keep getting higher, and forget service, it doesnt exist!!

    We need to do something about this situation! We need to keep emailing and complaining. If we sit back and do nothing,

    this situation is likely to remain.