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Biggest example is with the iPhone. You cannot purchase one from AT&T to use on their network without subscribing to their iPhone data plan. If you only want to use it for voice and Wi-Fi, you are out of luck. They require this additional service charge. This is clearly not in the best interest of the consumer.

Likewise, if I wanted to get a phone and pay for data only, and use VoIP for the occasional phone call, I cannot normally do this, I still must pay for voice service.


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    Just out of curiosity, did you try the iTouch? It would allow you to browse the web and to use VoIP, as long as you're in a WiFi hot spot. Maybe that's what you're really after?

    Coverage is obviously not going to be as widespread as 2G or 3G cellular, though.

    Another thing. Looks like as early as next year, some other cellcos will be offering the iPhone, among other smart phone choices. So that may also give you the options you want. The important thing is to promote competition. If people like iPhones, and it was not AT&T that invented these, then allow other cellcos to offer them too.