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Korea spent billions of dollars bolstering their broadband infrastructure and it shows. Their internet culture is ubiquitous. People watch TV shows & streaming news on their mobile devices on the subway! We need to catch up.


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    David Deans

    The Korean government strategic investment in broadband infrastructure was relatively small (approx $3 billion), by comparison, with U.S. government spending.

    As an example, the U.S. government spent more during the first three months of the invasion and occupation of Iraq than the Koreans did on broadband. Regardless, the Korean strategic investment made them the undisputed leader in *real* broadband adoption worldwide.

    My point: it's a matter of national priorities. Does the U.S. want to invest in the future economic development of the nation? Then, policy makers must face reality -- the U.S. lacks a meaningful nation-building investment goal, and broadband is clearly a key part of any forward-looking development strategy in the Global Networked Economy.

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    Korea is a very small country compared to the US. Additionally most of it's population is located in a few cities. The cost would be huge in comparison to provide this level of service. Further do we really want one government funded system? We need more competition and that is not in doubt. But comparing the US to Korea is not apples to oranges.

    US: 3,794,101 sq miles

    South Korea: 38,321 sq miles