Carriers should serve people, then the other way around.


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Carriers need to provide IP connectivity and then get out of the way.

Net neutrality is critical. If the carrier gets to decide what content is appropriate or control the content I receive, then we will have eliminated one of the most significant aspects of the Internet - the ability to connect with any resource, anywhere on the Internet. Broadband must deliver the fastest pipes to the most people, not deliver the people to the carriers.


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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    Net neutrality is too loose. ISPs should be able to shape traffic to ensure that everyone gets a decent level of bandwidth. On the other hand they should not be promoting any one service over another.

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    The National Broadband Plan should support open access to the Internet for all users, service providers, content providers, and application providers to the maximum extent possible, while recognizing that network operators must have the right to manage their networks responsibly, pursuant to clear and workable guidelines and standards.

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    The problem with this is concept is that the incentive to install that broadband pipe is often for the carrier to also offer services. For example, TV along with broadband.

    I agree that the broadband IP pipe should be "neutral," just as your phone line is "neutral," but that doesn't mean that the rest of the link capacity is going to be "neutral."

    Some carriers MAY choose to offer nothing but the (content-neutral) IP pipe. I do jot think that the government should mandate this one solution.

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    Yes we need a restoration of Net Neutrality now!

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    We need to focus on what it takes to open up bandwidth rather than justified stinginess.