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The problem is complex. I tackled the issues in this article:


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    Your main point seems to be "separate content from carriage." Your other point is, "spectum for free over the air (FOTA) TV is no longer needed."

    My reactions to this.

    I happen to use free over the air TV exclusively, so I find it annoying to be told that I need to be a pay-TV addict "like everyone else." A bit like a smoker trying to convince you that you should pick up smoking, so he can smoke freely in the same office as you. Sorry. I'm not convinced.

    However, I would be perfectly happy to see an unbiased agent conduct a survey of FOTA TV usage. No, not the FCC any longer, as they have made it clear what their intentions are in this regard. If usage of FOTA TV has been increasing, with the end of the digital transition, or at least stabilized at some reasonable level, I dare say your position that it should be yanked away would become more difficult to support.

    On a more conciliatory note, though, I would agree that IF broadband were to be provided in a content-neutral way, such that its price to the consumer had no hidden fees to cover other irrelevant expenses, THEN I might feel more inclined to agree with your position. Indeed, it would start making sense to distribute radio and TV over this broadband infrastructure, eventually, when the bandwidth required for it became a small fraction of what is available, and when wireless broadband becomes ubiquitous.

    We are NOT there yet. So, not so fats grabbing from the public what the PUBLIC owns.