Broadband Consumer Context

Better Later than Never, But GREAT Idea!!!, what great idea for a site. BUT it doesn't go far enough to really take care of the Broadband issue. First the best step taken, was having speed tests by Ookla. They are becoming the new industry standard and since my ISP uses them, it makes it harder for them to dispute the results. But what needs to follow the test is a questionnaire to qualify the test results. Like, are they: as advertised; what you are paying for; what you were told you would get; etc . . . Also if any problems with the service provider and or service and what it is, what discussions have taken place, what efforts on whose end were taken, if any. And what are any physical situations that impact the quality of service. Like in my case, I am 3300 feet from the central office and they can only give me 4.2MBps when I am paying for 7Mbps over the same lines that I once had 10Mbps SDSL with a provider that my telco ran out of business. Things like that are what needs to be addressed to really impact the over aspect of what broadband should be in the States. It is disheartening to hear that grass huts in China have faster and cheaper service then we do here.



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